2018 Speakers and Workshops

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PenWAG 2018 classes and workshops

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January 13-14, 2018 Sandra Betzina

January 13-14, 2018 Sandra Betzina

Lecture:  Fashion Forecast Sandra Betzina, the “power” behind Power Sewing, is the author of More Fabric Savvy, Fast Fit, Power Sewing Step-by-Step, Sandra Sews for the Home, No Time To Sew and Fear of Sewing. She has produced a skill series of eleven Power Sewing DVDs and also designs a full line of patterns for Vogue under the tab of Today’s Fit. Sandra hosted her own show, Sew Perfect, on HGTV for six years and now has a new, Web-TV show called Power Sewing. Sandra is also a popular speaker and hosts several week-long Sewing Retreats in San Francisco throughout the year. Before you make or buy your next piece of clothing, find out what is new in shapes, colors, jewelry, purses and shoes. Roosevelt Room – Q-80 Free for members; $5 guests at door Saturday Workshop:  New Techniques/Trunk Show! Sandra Betzina will show a trunk full of new clothes ...
February 10-11, 2018	Kayla Kennington

February 10-11, 2018 Kayla Kennington

Lecture: Creative Elegance and Personal Style   Blending far-out creativity & down to earth practicality is the challenge of every designer. Whether you’re creating an “over-the-top showpiece” or making original garments for your personal wardrobe, or a quilt or surface design project; you’ll want your own flavor of design to shine right along with your excellence of workmanship. Kayla will discuss the dance of using your bold and playful imagination while maintaining impeccable construction techniques. Find out Kayla’s tricks for defining a projects parameters and making the best design decisions as your one-of-a-kind piece progresses step-by-step to artistic refinement. Slides of projects from the sketch & supplies stage to the finished project are filled with inspirational surprises. On display will be Kayla’s Crème de la Crème Bernina Fashion Showpieces as well as her easy and elegant silk art-to-wear garments and innovative art quilts. Kayla is sure to send you off ...
March 10, 2018		Paul Gallo

March 10, 2018 Paul Gallo

Lecture:  Fashion History 20’s to 80’s   Paul Gallo is a fashion designer and artist who has been working in San Francisco for 26 years. Originally from New York, he attended the Fashion Institute of technology where he graduated as a design major. In his lecture he will be informing the group about the origins of the fashion industry and the revolution that happened from the late teens into the middle of the 20th century. He will be highlighting the clothing, trends, designers and fashionable people whose work still inspires to this day! Roosevelt Room – Q-80 Free for members; $5 guests at door   Workshop:   Embellishing Clothing with Embroidery In the afternoon workshop Paul will be illustrating on fabric and showing different ways to embroider art on clothing. He will have samples of completed work to view as he creates new work right in front of the group!   ...
April 14, 2018		Patti Zimmer

April 14, 2018 Patti Zimmer

Lecture:  Wearing Your Art    Patricia Zimmer creates some of the most stunningly beautiful and colorful fabric designs available on Spoonflower. She will share her artistic paper cutting and fabric fusing process that she has developed which enables her to create unique patterns and ultimately an unexpected alternative artform. She will also share successes, failures and learning experiences of owning a creative company. Garments, made from various fabrics in her fabric line, “Green Lotus Fabric Designs” will be modeled during the presentation. Roosevelt Room – Q-80 Free for members; $5 guests at door   Workshop:  Designing Fabric With Art Join Patricia Zimmer for a hands-on experience of creating your own exciting designs. We will look closely at Patricia's paper patterns. There is a choice of two samples to work with. With this, learn the five step preparation process that starts with drawing, inking, painting areas that will be the front, ...
May 12, 2018		Angela Steen

May 12, 2018 Angela Steen

Lecture: Polymer Clay, a History of Creative Fun   Angela will present an interesting lecture describing the creation of polymer clay in the 1930's and its various uses over time.  Angela Steen was first introduced to the art of polymer clay when she was Program Director for PenWAG.  One of the monthly programs was Introduction to Polymer Clay taught by the late Nancy Banks.  Angela went on to take several technique polymer clay classes taught by local artist Deborah Anderson and Sarah Shriver from Santa Rosa, Ca.  She has also taken a number of technique classes online at ArtCraftEdu.com.  She is fearless in her curiosity to explore what you can do with polymer clay.   Roosevelt Room – Q-80 Free for members; $5 guests at door   Workshop:  Buttons, Beads and More Buttons   Students will learn several surface design and artistic techniques to make beautiful, customized polymer clay buttons ...
June 9, 2018		Mystery Meeting

June 9, 2018 Mystery Meeting

All we can do is drop some hints... be sure to come to discover the solution to the mystery! Lecture:  Color Secrets, member discussion panel Multipurpose Room – M-50  Free for members; $5 guests at door   Workshop:  Color, wearable art experience Adult Center - C-35 1:30 to 4:30 ...
July 14, 2018 Potluck, Challenge, & Sew Giving

July 14, 2018 Potluck, Challenge, & Sew Giving

Join us for our annual July potluck meeting.  For those of you who are new to PenWAG, each July we have a potluck after the business meeting.  It’s a meeting to get to chat with others while noshing on fabulous food.  The summer challenge will also be presented. The afternoon program is our Sew-Giving workshop, where attendees will create items for clients of Next Door Solutions for Domestic Violence.  More program information is included elsewhere.  Please bring your sewing machine with you to work on a project.  The Roosevelt Room will be available until 4:30 PM. Roosevelt Room – Q-80 Free for members; $5 guests at door ...
August 11, 2018	Tobin Keller

August 11, 2018 Tobin Keller

Lecture:   Color in a New Light Tobin W. Keller will present and demonstrate the glorious use of color theory as-well-as the limited palette of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) colors, sometimes referred to as process colors.  A brief historic overview along with contemporary uses of color will help to illuminate the unlimited possibilities on fabric printing and painting.  He will also discuss his own application and experimentation with CYMK color combinations on his printed silk fabrics. Roosevelt Room – Q-80 Free for members; $5 guests at door Workshop:   CMYK Liquid Dyes on Silk   After a brief demonstration of screen printing on fabric each participant will be given a piece of white silk broadcloth (18” x 22”) to explore and experiment using CMYK liquid silk dyes.  In this guided session four screen printing stations will be set-up for each of the four colors.  Participants will be able to move ...
September 8-9, 2018		Rachel Clark

September 8-9, 2018 Rachel Clark

Lecture:   Not Another Casual Coat: Why’s and How’s   What begin as Rachel’s “Year of the Coat” has become her decade of the coat. She will share with you the Why’s and How’s she began this journey of creating coats that tells stories, celebrate events and documents fabric collections. She will be showing some of her most recent garment as well as some of her old favorites. Roosevelt Room – Q-80     Free for members; $5 guests at door   Saturday Workshop:   Fast Seminole Piecing Students will be creating units that are made from long strips, and then sewn together, cut and remade into patchwork patterns. I will begin with simple pattern and progress to more complex patterns that builds on your developing skills. The strips will be suitable to be used in a small quilt, wall hanging or garment. Please note: this class will focus on Seminole techniques, as opposed to Seminole piecing and is suitable ...
October 6-7, 2018	  Cynthia Pardoe

October 6-7, 2018 Cynthia Pardoe

October 6-7, 2018      Cynthia Pardoe   Lecture:  Pathways to Treasure   Inspired by her fiber art background, Cynthia will be sharing her unique creative artistic journey through the passage of time as an enamel artist. By firing vitreous glass onto metal as a way to create elegant pieces of jewelry & art, she uses techniques that present A jewel like quality on the surface of the enameled pieces. This is achieved when fusing layers of fine metal silver or glass strips onto the enamel work. By repeating this layering, the woven silver pallions create dimension and illumination, a trademark in her work. Roosevelt Room – Q-80 Free for members; $5 guests at door   Saturday Workshop:  Enameling Techniques/Make a Finished Piece   For those that love embellishing wearable art creations this class will invigorate that adventurous spirit.  Textile techniques in metal will be covered in this workshop in addition to other approaches to manipulating metal. Various technical executions will ...
November 10, 2018	Ana Lisa Hedstrom

November 10, 2018 Ana Lisa Hedstrom

Lecture:   Influence and Inspiration   Ana Lisa will give a power point presentation sharing the sources of her innovative approach to the Japanese tradition of shibori.  She will share her journey as a designer of art wear to the creation of studio art quilts, and most recently, the making of indigo dyed paper installations. She will include slides of her trips to China, Oaxaca, and Madagascar that have inspired new investigations. A trunk show of scarves and jackets will follow her lecture. Roosevelt Room – Q-80 Free for members; $5 guests at door    Workshop:   Itajime Shibori   Itajime or folding and clamping is a simple process with infinite possibilities. Students will make a series of bold graphic designs on sample fabrics and a scarf using silk acid dyes.  Ana Lisa will bring some carved clamps with a decorative maze cut into the blocks to channel the dyes. This technique ...
December 8, 2018 Potluck, Stash Exchange, Elections

December 8, 2018 Potluck, Stash Exchange, Elections

December 8 is our Holiday Potluck and Stash Extravaganza.  Not only can you increase your stash at absolute bargain prices, but you might also pick up some outfits.  Remember, this is the meeting where we elect officers for 2019.  It’s also the only meeting where there is lots of time for Show & Tell and socializing along with a fabulous potluck! Roosevelt Room – Q-80 Free for members; $5 guests at door    Room is available from 9am to 3:30PM    ...

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