Welcome to PenWAG!

Wearable art garments are timeless. The goal of PenWAG is to bring together designers of artful clothing and accessories,
to expand our artistic horizons, to encourage and nurture the creativity in each of us.

Visit our gallery to see some of the amazing artwork created by our members!

Classes and Workshops

Every month, PenWAG features lectures, classes and workshops by some of the finest artists in the world…

Welcome to PenWAG

October 10, 2015 Jean Cacicedo

Lecture: Creating the Obiko Archive This project documents the work of 25 art-to-wear designers whose works were created during the
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November 14, 2015 The Great Morgani and Sue Hans Keys

Lecture: The Great Morgani     Frank Lima is the Great Morgani, costumer extraordinaire and accordionist. He has led a most colorful
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December 12, 2015, Potluck, Stash Exchange, Auction, & election of officers

IT’S COMING SOONER THAN YOU THINK!  December 12 is our Holiday Potluck and Stash Extravaganza.  Not only can you increase
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